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Keyword Strategy

A good keyword strategy is one of our main focuses on any digital marketing campaign, especially at the beginning of the project. Through developing and nurturing successful marketing campaigns, our aim is to discover the words and phrases used in search engines by users when trying to find something specific online. We want to uncover a searcher's intent - for example, what are the kind of words are searchers using when looking for information? What kind of words are they using when looking to make a purchase? Each element in putting a keyword strategy together will help us create the perfect campaign for your business. By including these words and phrases within various parts of your website, front end and back end, we can drive these potential customers straight into your hands. After some thorough research, we will select high performing keywords to focus on, optimise and monitor, following their progression through Google’s search rankings. Choosing highly relevant keywords, that are as closely related your business is crucial in bringing the right type of traffic to your website - traffic that will convert in to sales and leads!


When looking at creating new content for your website, we’ll take a look at our monitored (and sometimes, unmonitored) keywords to include within the text, ensuring that they fall in line with the outlined strategy. Our in house copywriter is always on hand to help with blogging and general new site content.

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