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Newsletters are great for retaining customer engagement. The ability to send direct information straight to their inboxes is priceless. Whether these emails are triggered as a result of behaviour such as abandoning a checkout, or a lack of behaviour such as them not having visited your site in a while, the direct communication will remind customers of your services and why they signed up or bought from your business in the first place. Including content such as news articles, special promotions and customer discounts is giving the customer exclusive access to your business and a real incentive to get those clients re-visiting your site, clicking and buying. Including a snippet or a preview of your most recent blog posts will entice the reader to click and view the full article, thus driving further traffic to your site!


Another great way to keep your customers involved is by making them aware of the recent blog posts that have been uploaded on to your website. Including a snippet or a preview of your new blog posts will intrigue the reader in to clicking and viewing the full article, thus driving traffic to your site! Speak to our email marketing specialists and together we can work on the best approach to keep your subscribers opening, reading & enjoying your newsletters.


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