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The internet is an extremely clever network and remarketing adverts really show this off. Have you ever been in the situation where you are about to buy something online, decide against it, and then have an advert for that very item pop up on your screen not long after you’ve navigated away from the website? This technique is called 'remarketing' and is a intelligent way to remind your potential customers of what they’re missing out on. This involves showing targeted adverts on screen, whilst they browse elsewhere on the internet. On average, 97% of customers will abandon the checkout on their first visit, but don’t worry too much - it’s often down to simply getting distracted. Remarketing adverts are the perfect way to give your new customers a push in the right direction and get them checking out in no time. In order for you to implement a remarketing strategy you'll need a solid and well optimised Pay-Per-Click Google AdWords campaign with multiple Display Ads setup, as well as a defined budget. Get in touch with our PPC experts today to discuss your next advertising push. We have the experience and knowledge to create original, eye catching, clickable ads to get customers converting and spending.

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